Confidential Intermediary

As of January 1, 2008, the NC General assembly passed legislation that allows Mecklenburg County Department of Social Services to act as a confidential intermediary.

The confidential intermediary can act on your behalf if you are:

  • Biological parent.
  • An adult adoptee (age 18 and older).
  • An adult biological or half sibling of an adult adoptee (written consent from the  birth parent is required).
  • An adult family member of a deceased biological parent or adult adoptee (proof of lineage is required).
  • Adoptive parent of a minor child (medical information only).

Adult adoptees can have non-identifying background information from the adoption record to include: (information varies by case)

  • Birth history.
  • Heritage of biological parents.
  • General appearance of biological parents/relatives.
  • All known medical and health history.

During the confidential intermediary process the adoptee will be given:

  • Non-identifying information and updated medical history if provided.
  • If both parties consent, Mecklenburg County will share identifying information once notarized consents are received..
  • If we learn that a parent is decease, Mecklenburg County will obtain a copy of the death certificate and provide to the requestor of confidential intermediary services.

Request for Confidential Intermediary Services

  • All requests for services must be made in writing and
    • Include your signature and proof of identify (copy of state issued identification).
  • Adoptees need to include your adoptive parents names and your date of birth in your written request.
  • Biological parents need to include the name you were using a the time of the adoption in your written request.

Please visit the FAQs for Confidential Intermediary Program

We recommend that those individuals that choose to participate in the confidential intermediary program prepare yourself for the emotional journey of search and reunion.  We encourage you to read adoption related material, join an online, or peer support group.  You may want to consult with a psychotherapist that is familiar with adoption related issues.