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Age-Friendly Mecklenburg

Improving the quality of life for older adults. 

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Age-Friendly Mecklenburg is an initiative that facilitates the collective planning of not-for-profit, higher education, faith-based, private, and governmental organizations along with community residents to improve the quality of life for older adults.

By the year 2035, an additional 140,000 residents aged 55 and older will be living in Mecklenburg County, of which 100,000 will be aged 65 and older. It is the fastest growing age group in Mecklenburg County and nearly half of the total population growth between now and 2035 will come from those aged 55+.

The Age-Friendly Mecklenburg Action Plan helps address the needs and access to services for residents within this demographic. Establishment of the plan was vital to Mecklenburg County’s AARP/World Health Organization certification as an Age-Friendly Community.

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Eight Domains Of Livability

According to research conducted by the Age-Friendly Mecklenburg committee, senior residents want to be active, informed, supported, and connected. The Action Plan includes strategies for eight focus areas, or Domains of Livability, established by AARP and the World Health Organization:

Download the AARP guide, The 8 Domains of Livability

Domain 1:  Outdoor Spaces and Buildings

People of all ages need public places to gather - indoors and out. In Mecklenburg County, greenspace, safe streets, and accessible environments can be enjoyed by people of all ages. 

Domain 2: Transportation 

Accessibility for people of all ages includes drivers, pedestrians, cyclists, and public transit riders. In Mecklenburg County, an age-friendly community supports safe navigation of the community as we age in place. 

Domain 3:  Housing 

For property owners and renters, Mecklenburg County aims to provide resources that support the wide variety of needs, including minor home modifications, universal design principles, affordability of properties, and aging in place services. 

Domain 4:  Social Participation 

Regardless of age, accessible programs for engagement promote well-being and combat loneliness. An age-friendly community aims to expand activities, locations, and affordability for those seeking opportunities or at risk of social isolation. 

Domain 5:  Respect and Social Inclusion 

To create a more inclusive community for all ages, an age-friendly lens provides the unique perspective of older adults and their care support networks. This may include community planning, service development, intergenerational activities, and opportunities to value the collective experience of aging individuals. 

Domain 6:  Work and Civic Engagement 

An age-friendly community encourages opportunities for older adults to engage in civic and employment opportunities on their terms. With an age-friendly lens, this may include awareness of opportunities, facilitation of with employers, and reiteration of the value older adults in the workforce. 

Domain 7:  Communication and Information

Age-Friendly communities recognize the value of information for individuals as they age in Mecklenburg County. In an effort to enhance accessibility to information, initiatives may include programs to address the digital divide, resources to connectivity, and innovative methods to reach individuals as they age in their community.

Domain 8:  Community and Health Services

With an age-friendly lens, a focus on accessibility and affordability of available resources is the foundation. As individuals age, it is essential to provide wellness opportunities to address physical, mental, and emotional well-being of older adults and their caregivers. 


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